The Making

Banana Chips:

Crispifarms Banana Chips are made using only the finest bananas, organically grown on the beautiful island of Mindoro in the Philippines. Cooked in coconut oil and sprinkled with a touch of cane sugar, we handcraft each batch to perfection until they are flavorful, irresistibly crunchy and golden.
Made with simple ingredients, Crispifarms Banana Chips are said to be the most memorable banana chips ever experienced!


Crispifarms 100% Pure Maldivian Coconut Oil:

Crispifarms 100% Pure Coconut Oil is made using only the freshest coconuts infused with the benefits that can only come from palm trees growing close to the shoreline, enriched by minerals from the sea. Organically grown in the remote, lush and exotic islands of the Maldives, our coconuts remain sun kissed in twenty foot, high in the sky palm trees in the lush green jungles, undisturbed until they are perfect and ready for consumption. Skilled, primarily male tree climbers pluck the coconuts from these tall palm trees, one-by-one with their bare hands; a labourious and time-consuming process, only extracting the perfect coconuts that have reached precise maturity. Leaving the remaining young ones on the tree, unharmed, assures the sustainability of this amazing fruit. The coconuts are then husked and individually processed at the source, then transferred to small scale local boutique factories, where highly trained women extract the coconut meat and grate it into perfect fineness by hand. They then cold press the oil in small batches on the island itself. This is referred to as “virgin oil”, and at Crispifarms we extract the oil only once from each batch of coconut meat. The virgin oil is then placed in a holding area in the tropical, thirty degree “sun in glass bottles” for several weeks, allowing the sun to naturally perform its magic. The amazing result is the perfected coconut oil. Its nutty, fruity taste and mesmerizingly aromatic fragrance is incredibly good for the body and food for the soul. Our coconut oil is crystal clear in coulor and produced with love and care, making it one of nature’s purist wonders. Once the coconut’s journey is complete, we call this fine product Crispifarms Pure Coconut Oil, proudly made at source, in the exotic islands of the Maldives.
Crispifarms Pure Coconut Oil has endless uses and benefits; use it to cook your favourite foods; apply it to your skin for that soft, supple feeling; for soft, shiny hair use as a daily conditioner. For its benefits and its endless uses, once you try Crispifarms 100% Pure Coconut Oil, you’ll agree that it’s head and shoulders above the rest.