About Us

In 2016, we set out on a mission to source the single most delicious, delightful, healthy fruit. After sampling a variety of fruits from around the world, we fell in love with the most delicious banana on the planet, found in the islands of the Philippines. Yet, that was only the start. We still needed the perfect blend of spices to complement this amazing fruit to create a memorable mouthful of magic! Settling for nothing less, the next two years led us to further explore south east Asia to hand pick the perfect blend of ingredients. Exploring the hearty coconut oil from the remote islands of the exotic Maldives was a complete surprise, and a pleasant one. The coconut oil from this region was like no other. It tasted nutty and fruity, with the precise balance that we were seeking. The result… marriage of the two; the banana & the coconut oil, with a dash of perfectly blended spices, elevated Crispi Farms Banana Chips to become the most incredibly delicious banana chips ever! And what’s more, we’ve create this heavenly taste using just five ingredients. Once you taste their perfection, you’ll settle for nothing less!