Prepare yourself for the most delectable, flavorful, tasty banana chips you've ever had. Each chip is its own slice of heaven, with all of our ingredients created by mother nature, we are honoured to present them to you in their most natural form. Cooked in our own pure, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil and lightly glazed with our own pure cane sugar, they are cooked to perfection. Our bananas come from the majestic islands of the Philippines where they are kissed by the Sun and nurtured by the embrace of the Sea. Once you experience the taste explosion, one banana chip will never be enough, and that's OK because our banana chips are all natural, clean, good food -- that's good for you. They'll take you on a mouth watering journey, so you can take them with you anywhere and enjoy a mini vacation... wherever you are, let our delectable banana chips take you away, if only for a moment and brighten up your day! Delectable. Satisfying. Natural.

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