Coir Rope used in coconut oil packaging

We hope that you’ll love Crispifarms Coconut Oil as much as we loved producing the natures finest; bottled at the source, in small batches paying attention to every detail. We also hope that you’ll love the coir rope too! We have presented it to you with our preciously pressed virgin coconut oil.
Coir rope, known in the Maldives as ‘Roanu’, was wound line-by-line onto the neck of the glass jar of our Crispifarms Coconut Oil.
Coir is the natural fiber found on the inside of the husked coconut’s outer shell. Palm trees grown in the lush green jungles in the tiny remote islands in the Maldives, surrounded by crystal clear lagoons. Each strand of the extracted fiber is twisted, weaved and rolled into thin, long cords and doubled up by weaving thin cords again by hand, to produce the desired thickness of the rope; a technique handed down through generations and created by experienced women. The process is laborious and time consuming, and we can guarantee that no machinery could ever come close to making these coir ropes.
In the earlier days, coir ropes were used in the Maldives to tie timber together for home construction and boat building. From this humble beginning, the people of the Maldives still use coir rope to tie almost everything today; the coir rope is strong and time tested. Coir rope is also beautiful!  As tourism grows in the Maldives, the residents have made good use of rope in staging the Maldivian culture, using it as the most important binding material to tie timber together to display amazing artistry and craftsmanship. Coir rope is at the heart of Maldivian craftsmanship and heritage. It is a fine testament of the eclectic nature of the product.
Crispifarms has taken the liberty of including this beautiful, authentic, handmade coir rope in presenting the purest coconut oil on the market.
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